Eunice Lee

Eunice is a UX designer at Apple. When not designing, she enjoys tinkering on side projects that explore intersections of art, code, design, and news. She has worked for NBC News and The Washington Post as a journalist and for Quartz and ProPublica as a front-end developer.

Professional Projects and Odds/Ends

Quartz Facebook Messenger bot


Quartz Bot Studio experiments with applications of bots, AI, and related technologies for journalism on new platforms. The studio builds on work from the Quartz app, which presents news in a conversational interface, as though the user is texting with Quartz. During my time I worked on conversational design, fixed bugs, wrote production code and wrote Obsessions content for the Quartz for Messenger bot, which made its debut at SXSW Interactive 2018. The bot has more than 8,000 active users. Check it out:

Al dente

side project

Print out your Trello cards like a Michelin-starred chef and stab them once complete! This project resonated with a lot of folks on Twitter (people seem to really like impaling pieces of paper), so my friend Pam and I wrote a tutorial for the Color Coded tech community here. Feel free to check out the code and tweet me if you build one yourself.


side project

A Facebook messenger bot that helps college students find the right mental health specialist under their insurance plan and near their location. We thought this served a need because, from our experiences, college campuses offer a limited amount of free counseling sessions. Students battling mental health don't often find the long-term help they need, and finding a quality specialist can be really scary/difficult. So, my buddy Matt and I built a prototype version of this bot at a hackathon hosted by ProPublica, Better Doctor and Yelp. Our project won the $1,000 Yelp cash prize for best use of their API and the best use of the Better Doctor API award. You can read more about how we designed and developed it. Code here


side project

A raspberry pi that records people’s spoken responses to personal questions and prints them in the form of a sound wave as a gift for being truthful. You can read more about our design and development process here and check out the code here. Waves made its debut at the Spring 2017 Segal Design Expo and was featured on the RPI blog We were also interviewed and part of a two page spread of the September 2017 MagPi issue, the official Raspberry Pi Magazine! See pages 32 and 33 here.

Project Cat Alexa Skill

Discovery Communications

Wrote tests in Javascript and Newrelic for the Project Cat Alexa and Google skills. Designed and wrote utterances and conversational phrases


Knight Lab

What if you could tell a story using panoramas and 360 photos? SceneVR uses a-frame to create webVR friendly photo slideshows. I spent 6 months working on this tool as a UI/UX designer - designing for desktop, mobile and Google cardboard versions. Created mocks using Sketch and collaborated with the software engineer using agile methodology. The project is still in beta version but recently won $35,000 from the Knight Foundation Journalism 360 Challenge.

The Wrong Man

NBC News

Lead designer and developer of a story that reached more than 500,000 page views. Collaborated with editorial and photo teams to decide the look and feel of the story. Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Archie mark-up language. See it live here


NBC News

Designed NBC's first cartograms for an internal newsroom charting tool. Responsible for research and UX/UI. Created sketches, mocks and prototypes. They helped visualize how battle states voted in past elections and where Team USA Rio Olympians hail from.

Olympic Team Refugees

NBC News

Created graphics using D3.js and Illustrator to depict how far Team Refugee athletes traveled before finding refugee status. This was a collaborative project between the editorial and graphics team. See 18-year-old Syrian swimmer Yusra Mardini's journey here.

Olympic Mobile Homepage

NBC News

Created mock design comps using Sketch of what the mobile home page should look like while featuring stories from the Rio Olympics. Transformed a desktop design into a responsive, mobile friendly version that felt native but was also efficient.

A Year of Terror in Iraq

Side Project

I came across an article in the BCC explaining the biggest ISIS-led attack in Iraq around June 2016. I thought that the article could really use a benefit so I decided to practice my D3, Illustrator, and ai2tml skills to create a map version. Used D3.js to create the basemap, converted it to an SVG, and used Illustrator to label details. See it live here.