Eunice Lee

Hi there! Thanks for checking my site. I'm a design-minded journalist with some front-end coding chops at Northwestern University. I'm also a student fellow at the Knight Lab and a student researcher at the Delta Lab. Previously, I covered the presidential election for Medill News Service and interned at NBC News. My work has been published by the Washington Post, NBC News, USA Today, and more.

Favorite Words

Favorite Projects


Knight Lab Project

What if you could tell a story using panoramas and 360 photos? SceneVR uses a-frame to help create webVR friendly photo slideshows. It's still ongoing, but we're pretty darn excited about the beta version we have right now. Check it out by clicking on the image.

The Wrong Man

NBC News

Lead designer and developer of a story that hit more than 450,000 page views (2nd most viewed NBC specials story at the time). Collaborated with editorial and photo teams to decide the look and feel of the story. Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Archie mark-up language.


NBC News

Designed NBC's first, original cartograms. Conducted in-depth research on the UX and design of cartograms, then sketched, prototyped, and pitched the final design idea. Proud to say that my design is now part of the internal newsroom's charting tool. They helped visualize how battle states voted in past elections and where Team USA Rio Olympians hail from.

Olympic Team Refugees

NBC News

Created graphics using D3.js and Illustrator to depict how far Team Refugee athletes traveled before finding refugee status. This was a highly collaborative project between the editorial and graphics team. See 18-year-old Syrian swimmer Yusra Mardini's journey here.

A Party Divided

NBC News

Lead data researcher in this project that spanned both editorial, video, photo, and graphics teams. Collected and cleaned data for all data visualizations and charts in the project. Helped analyze and build charts using C3.js.

Olympic Mobile Homepage

NBC News

Created mock design comps of what the mobile home page will look like while featuring news from the Rio Olympics. Transformed a desktop design into a responsive, mobile friendly version that felt native but was also efficient.

What Actually Treats Your Cold?

Class Project

I designed, developed, and wrote a service-orientated piece about over-the-counter cold medications. The crux of the project was creating a card filtering system that explained common active ingredients in drug labels. I thought it would be useful for consumers at a pharmacy trying to make sense of an often overwhelming cold medication aisle. Due to time constraints, this project is not mobile responsive – something I hope to fix in the near future. Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

A Year of Terror in Iraq

Personal Project

I came across an article in the BCC explaining the biggest ISIS-led attack in Iraq in June 2016 that had no visual but simply 300 words and a table. I wanted to practice my D3, Illustrator, and ai2tml skills, so I created a map version that also showed the number of casualties. Used D3.js to create the basemap, converted it to an SVG, and used Illustrator to label details.

Favorite Talks

Why Journalists Should Learn How to Code

Winter 2016

I gave a talk to a freshmen multimedia reporting class about the benefits of learning how to code, using learn.knightlab - the tutorial site I worked on.


April 2016

CARDful is an Internet of Thing that helps recent graduates budget their money. My team and I won first place at the Women's IoT makeathon at West Virginia University in April 2016. It's a card with a color-changing LCD that syncs with a mobile app and lets you know if you are in the red, yellow, or green zone.

On JoVRnalism

October 2015

Presented a Lightning talk at the Knight Lab with my colleague about the beauty of virtual reality journalism. Shared about our experience at the USC's Women's Hackathon. Click on the image to see our slides.